Air Force jets ‘sneaky’ to take control of a pilot-less drone as he flies it into a house

A pilot-like drone that flew dangerously close to a home in Sydney’s east has been taken out of service.Key points:The pilot-operated drone crashed on the street outside the house at about 3.30pmA home owner, a man and a woman were hurtThe drone landed on a street in the south-east of SydneyThe pilot took control of […]

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How to avoid the gas station smileys in Tennessee

The signs are all there.The signs say “gas station.”But, for some reason, the signs are not working.“We have one in Knoxville,” said Sarah Brown, a spokesperson for the Tennessee Gas & Electric Cooperative.“The sign just isn’t working.”Brown said the company is working on fixing the signs.The gas station has a large sign with the word […]

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How to get the hottest deals at Costco, Kroger and other big box stores

Costco, Target and Walmart all have big box and specialty stores.But the Costco brand is the biggest, according to research firm Euromonitor International.The study, conducted last month by consulting firm Retail Channel, found Costco was the second-largest brand overall and the fourth-largest by brand sales at 7.2% in 2018, according the report.It’s up 3.3% from […]

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Which gas station franchises offer the best value for gas?

The best gas station locations are usually located in urban areas, where there are fewer residents and businesses.But, some gas stations have become very popular in smaller towns and suburban neighborhoods.Gas stations can be found in nearly every corner of the U.S. and can be an affordable, convenient, and convenient way to get gas.The biggest […]

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