How to avoid the gas station smileys in Tennessee

The signs are all there.The signs say “gas station.”But, for some reason, the signs are not working.“We have one in Knoxville,” said Sarah Brown, a spokesperson for the Tennessee Gas & Electric Cooperative.“The sign just isn’t working.”Brown said the company is working on fixing the signs.The gas station has a large sign with the word […]

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Which gas stations are best in India?

Here’s a guide to the gas stations in India that serve food and drink for the majority of the population.Here are some of the main ones: 1.Gopal Nagar, Chennai 3.Mukesh Ambani Ambani Gas Station, Bengaluru 1.Vidyut Gopal NagalandGas Station, Chandigarh 2.Vaidin Bhavan, Chandihasan 3.Tumkur Vaidin Gopal Ambani, Chandi 1.Kannadigas Gopal-Ambani Gas, Kochi 2.Shahgas Gopal/Gopal Gopal, […]

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Gas station fight erupts in Brisbane after gas station manager pleads guilty to shoplifting

A man who allegedly shoplifted petrol from a gas station in Brisbane has pleaded guilty to assaulting his shoplifting victim, the Queensland Police Service said.The 32-year-old man allegedly attempted to steal more than $20,000 worth of petrol from the Banyan Gas station at Campbelltown, south of Brisbane, police said.The man, who has not been named, […]

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