How to get a $1.2 million mortgage on a home in Miami

If you’re in the market for a $3.2-million home, you might want to consider a gas station, according to a new report.In a report from Real Clear Invest, real estate brokers are warning consumers to consider gas stations when shopping for homes.The report suggests buying a home from a gas pump is cheaper than buying […]

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When a store buys bricks from Canada, they must pay for it with gas

The Canadian government is banning bricks and mortar gas stations from selling gasoline and diesel.The move, which was first reported by the CBC, comes as Canada’s gas supply continues to decline.In December, the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers estimated Canadian natural gas demand would fall by 10 per cent to 2.5 billion cubic metres in […]

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Indian car dealership owners complain of gas prices being artificially inflated

Gas prices are artificially inflated by foreign companies, car owners have complained, raising the spectre of a national gas crisis.In a letter to the company in the Gulf region, which is owned by the Indian government, the owners of five petrol stations in the city of Alwar, which has a population of some 40,000, alleged […]

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Why we love to watch sports, writes sports writer, who likes watching sports, even though he knows it’s just a game

The world of sports is big and crowded.It’s a lot like the world of life.You know what the sport is about?It’s about how much fun you have with the other team and how much you love your team.You might not love your sports team, but you do love the other people on it.We love to […]

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