‘It’s a very real possibility’: The world of gas stations

A few days after the government announced the cancellation of the $1.9 billion gas tax rebate, the state of Colorado announced it was scrapping the program as well.The move has been criticized as a waste of taxpayer dollars, and not just from the state, but also the rest of the country, which has already taken […]

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How to install a skimmer to protect your home from gas leaks

It may look like an overgrown fence, but it’s actually a gas pump that is being fitted with a skimming device.Gas pump skimmers are a type of security device that monitors the supply of gas at the pump and keeps it from leaking out.The devices are being fitted at several gas stations in Ontario.“It’s the […]

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Heb gas stations in Houston, Texas will begin accepting cryptocurrency as payment for gas

The Hebgas Gas stations in the Houston area will begin to accept cryptocurrency as a payment method, as the Houston Police Department announced today.According to the police department, the Hebas will also be accepting cash for gas.HebGas, the company behind the gas stations, has been in the cryptocurrency space for some time, with the first […]

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How to Avoid Gas Prices Going Down in Texas After Hurricane Harvey

If you’ve been stuck in a Houston area gas station with a $1.85/gallon price tag, the gas is about to get worse.Gas station delivery service, Ingles, has confirmed that the price of gasoline has dropped to $1/gallo.Gasoline is now about $1 less than it was in January.The service was able to confirm this by looking […]

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