Gas station worst gas station in America, Inside gas station worst

A gas station is the worst place to go to for a gas, according to a new study from Nationwide Insurance.

The report, which looked at the health and safety of gas stations in the U.S., found that more than 20 percent of gas station locations in the United States were unsafe or unsafely close to a hospital.

Nationwide Insurance found that at least 3,900 gas stations were unsafe, which is roughly two out of every 100 gas stations nationwide.

In the last five years, the average number of unsafe gas stations was close to one in 10, Nationwide Insurance said.

The study also found that many of the gas stations are located in poor neighborhoods and in areas that have high unemployment and poverty rates.

Nation of Islam Church gas station: The church gas station was one of the worst gas stations Nationwide found in the country, with a high rate of infection and a high risk of contracting pneumonia, the report said.

Nation Wide Gas and Electric was also found to be the worst for pneumonia, with more than 40 percent of the stores having more than 10 cases per 100,000 people.

The largest proportion of the hospitals that Nationwide surveyed were located in communities with high rates of poverty, the study found.

NationWide also found two other gas stations with high infections rates and rates of pneumonia: a supermarket store in Miami, Florida, and a grocery store in the small town of Linn, Oregon.

The gas stations that Nationwide found to have the highest rates of infection rates were located along major highways and in rural areas.

The majority of gas pumps in the study had at least one employee with an active infection status.

The majority of pumps had at the time of the study only one employee that was a registered nurse, Nationwide said.

In many cases, the worker had been on the job for more than a month and had been exposed to the disease for the first time.

Nationman’s study also looked at whether a gas station has an employee who has been exposed.

The number of workers who have been exposed was calculated by dividing the number of active infections by the total number of employees in the store, Nationwide found.

The most common exposures reported to Nationwide’s study were for gas pump workers, such as those in the construction industry and those working in a food service operation.

The gas pump employees had a higher risk of infection than the other workers, the Nationwide report said, and they had a high level of risk of pneumonia.

A gas station employee’s exposure to a disease could include being exposed to a gas leak, a broken valve, or a leaking gas line, according the report.

Nationmen also looked into the health of the workers at gas stations.

They found that workers at the gas station with the highest levels of infections were most likely to be working in dangerous, unsanitary conditions.

Nation Nationwide Health survey, February 2016:The study found that gas pumps were among the places where workers were most often exposed to gas leaks.

Nationwide found that the average time workers were working at gas pumps was two hours.

A worker’s exposure time at a gas pump can vary widely depending on their location, their job, and the type of gas pump, Nationwide reported.

NationNationwide Health also found the gas pumps that had the highest exposure rates to the most common health conditions.

The people working at the most dangerous gas pumps also had the greatest number of health problems.

The National Gas Association, which represents gas stations across the country and provides the industry’s standard safety training for all gas station employees, said in a statement that it is “heartened” to see Nationwide’s findings.

Gas pumps are a safe, safe place to work, we know our employees are very professional and are very diligent, the gas association said in the statement.

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