A look at the new beer &wine locations across the country that are opening in 2018

Beer &wine is an exciting trend for bars and restaurants in 2018, and now there’s a whole new category of restaurants opening.

Some of the more notable names include the new Big Apple Beer Bar in Philadelphia, The New York Times Beer Garden in New York City, The Beer Store in New Orleans, and The Wine Garden in Los Angeles.

 The new categories, while not exactly exciting, are still a big boost for the industry.

The big winner in 2018 is a brand new beer bar at the iconic New York Beer Garden that is now open for business.

 “This is the place where beer and wine go together,” said Adam Zaretsky, the Beer &wines president of operations.

“It’s the perfect spot for the big, bold flavors that have become so popular.”

The New York Bar has been open for over 100 years and is known for its large, colorful tables and large glass cases.

Zaretsky and his staff are currently expanding to expand their bar into a full-service restaurant and bar.

New York Beer & Wine, located at 814 Park Ave., opened on January 17, 2018, just two weeks before the Beer Garden’s grand opening.

At the new restaurant, the owners hope to make it even more of a destination for beer drinkers, since the beer they serve is 100% local and brewed in-house by the bar.

Zareksi hopes to make the Beer Gourmet Kitchen a popular destination for local beer drinkers as well.

“This will be a great spot for us to offer more of the delicious local ingredients we serve,” he said.

A beer garden at the Beer Store is now also open, and is currently serving a limited beer list.

The New Orleans Beer Garden, which opened in January 2018, also has a full menu of local craft beers on tap.

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