How to save $20 on gas at gas stations and gas stations that are open 24 hours

As the nation heads into the holiday season, many are hoping to save as much as $20 a month on gas by going grocery shopping at gas pumps.

But how do you do that?

We reached out to gas station owners across the country, asking how they plan to ensure that consumers can use their gas to fuel their daily needs.

Many of the gas stations we spoke with have taken steps to make their gas stations as accessible as possible, which can save consumers as much or as little as $1 a month, according to the website.

But what about gas stations with a “no shopping” policy?

Here are a few tips on how to get gas while still enjoying your favorite food and drink.1.

If you shop at a gas station and have to leave before opening, ask the cashier if there is a waiting area.2.

If the cashiers counter refuses to let you use the restroom, ask for a receipt.3.

If there is no cashier counter, ask if there are any restrooms in the station.

If so, ask her if they have a bathroom or restroom counter in the front.4.

If a cashier doesn’t have a restroom, but there is an aisle where you can get a restroom (or if you have a private restroom in your home), make sure to go to the restroom aisle and grab a restroom key.5.

If all of the bathrooms are available, and there is one in the back of the store, ask a customer service rep if she can help you use one.6.

If no bathrooms are in the store or if you can’t find a bathroom in the restroom you can call the phone number on the back side of the receipt to get a bathroom key.7.

If your gas station does not have a cash register, ask to speak to the cash register attendant.

If the gas station has a cash counter and the cash registers are not visible from the road, ask customers if they are allowed to carry cash.

If they say yes, they are not required to carry a cash card, according a report by the Center for Public Integrity.8.

If gas is not available at the gas pump, ask an employee if they can refill your gas tank.9.

If it is time to go home, ask about restrooms in store or in your driveway.10.

If going out to the gas pumps for the first time or returning to your car is not an option, ask your friend or family member to make the drive and get you gas.11.

If, at some point during your shopping trip, you notice a sign saying “no checking,” or the sign on the pump does not indicate a gas pump is open, check the cash drawer at the front of the pump.12.

If someone is in the process of buying something and asks you if you want to buy that item, tell them no, it will not be available for purchase until you check your receipt.13.

If customers leave gas bottles in the gas tank, ask them to dispose of them in a designated trash receptacle.14.

If people leave a bag or a purse in the tank, put it in the trash.15.

If in a car with gas, put the keys in the ignition, pull the gas pedal, and drive away.

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