How to Stop a Parking Lot Attack

The attack is taking place on a busy road in the city of Aafes in northwestern Tunisia, but it was sparked by a misunderstanding.

The parking lot at the Aafs gas station was full and the driver of a passenger car decided to wait in the lot.

When he got out, he noticed that the parking space was empty.

He opened the door and noticed that there was no car parked.

He then pulled out his gun and shot the driver.

He was killed in the ensuing chaos.

Tunisia is a country of just over a million people that borders Libya, and the region is known for its instability.

It has a population of around 200,000, according to the UN, and some areas are considered to be war zones.

Tajikistan has seen a rise in the number of attacks targeting the security forces, especially in the south.

In January, Tajik security forces killed five assailants in a drive-by shooting in the capital.

In May, security forces shot dead a man who allegedly threatened a security official with a knife in the western province of Dushanbe, killing the assailant.

In June, a car bomb targeted the city hall of Bishkek, killing two security personnel and wounding five others.

The attacker was shot and killed.

In June, four people were killed in a suicide bombing in the eastern city of Mazar-e Sharif, near the border with Afghanistan.

In October, security personnel in the southeastern city of Dar es Salaam shot dead two suspected militants, including a suicide bomber, in a shooting spree that left five others wounded.

The attacks have increased in recent months.

A month earlier, Tunisian authorities arrested a Tunisian man who was believed to have planned a plot to attack the country.

He has been charged with planning attacks on the country’s security forces.

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