What to do when your credit card has been hijacked

A gas station photoshop crew got a little creative in the middle of the night, posting a gas station in Arizona that was in need of a quick fix.

The photo has been shared on Instagram and has drawn some ire.

But, in a twist that will hopefully get the attention of the authorities, the gas station was in fact hacked.

Cecil, a man who is from Colorado, took to Instagram to share his experiences after his gas station went dark, and a photo that was taken during the blackout was the culprit.

“When I first woke up this morning I noticed a gas pump on the ground,” he wrote.

“I didn’t even have my cell phone in my hand.

When I turned around I noticed the pump had been taken down.”

He posted the photo, which shows a sign that reads “No Larger Fee” on a side of the building, and it quickly spread online.

It has since been shared more than 2,500 times.

Cynthia, who does not want to be identified, also shared the photo on Instagram.

“The gas station is being used to host an event,” she wrote.

“[It] is not being used as a gas pumps location.”

Cecill added that he’s glad his business was spared the disruption caused by the theft.

“I’m happy to report that my gas station has not been used as anything but a staging area for the upcoming SXSW Festival,” he said.

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