Why it’s worth investing in the gas station business

A gas station owner has been awarded a $5.6 million award after his company won a landmark case against the government’s controversial “gas tax”.

The award is the biggest of its kind in Australia’s history.

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission said in a statement the court decision means that the gas company could benefit from the tax’s impact on the economy and businesses.

“We believe that the public should have access to accurate information about the impact of gas taxes on businesses and consumers, as well as the impact on economic activity,” the agency said.

“The Government’s proposed changes to the gas tax regime have made the Australian gas market more competitive, and have allowed consumers and businesses to take advantage of a lower gas price for a better value for money.”

Mr Rohan said he expected the court to “clear the way” for the gas retailer to start selling its products in a new retail store.

“I think the best thing for gas is for them to be sold in retail stores,” he said.

The decision was welcomed by the Australian Gas Association (AGA), which represents gas retailers.

“This award provides support for businesses to continue to thrive, and help fuel an innovative, diversified, and competitive Australian gas industry,” AGA national executive director Craig McIlroy said in the statement.

The court decision also comes just a week after the Government announced a raft of new changes to fuel excise, including a reduction in the petrol tax.

“These changes will increase the efficiency and competitiveness of Australia’s gas supply chain, and increase consumer choice, which will also improve efficiency and fuel efficiency in the economy,” the Government said in its submission to the court.

“By eliminating the cost of gas, these changes will also support increased competition and a strong Australian economy.”

The government has said it will continue to impose the tax as it considers its next step.

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