Five years of the classic Chicago Gas station

Five years ago, the iconic Gas Station at 44rd and Howard was closed.

Then, it reopened as a taco shop.

The Gas Station’s closing has not yet been officially announced, but its owner is planning to open a new location in Chicago’s Near West Side in the fall.

It’s not yet known when that will be, but Chicagoans have their sights set on the historic Gas Station.

Here’s our rundown on how Chicagoans will be able to grab a taco, a burrito or even a hot dog at the old Gas Station in a few years time.


The Taco Bar is open for business The Gas Spot’s Taco Bar was the most famous of the old gas stations in Chicago.

A taco truck and taco stand would make the most sense at the Gas Spot, which opened in 1966.

It was the first of several gas stations that served tacos and burritos.

Today, the Taco Bar has been closed since 2013.

It has not reopened as an institution since.

It will reopen as a “Taco and Taco” bar in a converted gas station in the future.


The Old Taco Bar The Old Mexican Taco Bar opened in 1967.

In the 1960s, it was a taco joint, but it became a taco restaurant in the 1980s when the owner bought the building.

It remained open until 2014 when the building was torn down.

Today the building is used as a gas station for many other restaurants and bars in Chicago and beyond.

The bar is open to the public but it is not known when it will reopen.


The Burrito Bar The Taco and Taco Bar were the original locations for the burrito joint.

The two-story brick building was home to a burrito stand and taco shop, and the owner was forced to sell it.

Today it is the first location of a new chain of restaurants, which has its roots in the gas station.

The burrito spot is open daily, but the taco bar is closed from 12 p.m. to 6 p..m., and is open from 9 a.m to 6:30 p., as long as the bar has not been opened.


The Hot Dog Bar The Gas Shop’s Hot Dog House was the best hot dog stand in Chicago in the 1960’s.

The owners tried to bring the old Hot Dog Shop back to life as a restaurant, but a series of fire disasters forced the owner to close it.

The original owners also owned a taco stand, but that location closed in 2015.

Today’s owners plan to open another taco bar in the near future.


The Tortilla Bar There is a tortilla bar at the Old Mexican Tacos in Chicago, but they closed it in 2015 due to a fire.

The tortilla stands at the other locations in the neighborhood have been reopened.

Today they are a Taco Shop, Taco Bar and a Burrito Shop.


The Pizza Hut Pizza Hut opened in 1964 in the Gas Station building.

Today Pizza Hut is a chain of pizza parlors that opened at the same Gas Station location.

They are not open to customers, but there are signs in the back of the gas shop that say Pizza Hut.


The Car Wash The original Car Wash at 44th and Howard in Chicago closed in 2009.

Today you can pick up a car wash at the location at 48th and Halsted.

The location has been opened to the general public since 2015.


The Burger King Burger King opened at 42nd and Howard on January 24, 1970.

Today Burger King is a fast-food chain that has been in operation since the 1970s.

They started as a carwash, then expanded to become a chain that includes restaurants like The Olive Garden, Pizza Hut and Burger King.


The Barbecue Bar The Bar-B-Que at 44, 47 and 47th is now open to all Chicagoans.

The old Bar-Q-Q in Chicago is a classic BBQ spot, which serves hamburgers, fried chicken, hot dogs and other hot-dog dishes.


The Popcorn Bar The PopCorn Bar was one of the original Gas Stations in Chicago before the old location was torn up in 2015 and converted into a Taco Bar.

The new PopCorn location opened in the same location on January 8, 2019.


The Cinnabon The old Cinnabeast was one the oldest Gas Stators in Chicago when it opened on January 3, 1962.

The chain has been open for many years.

It is not open today to the community, but you can always order a cinnabone and get a cuddle for free.


The Cafe Popcorn Cafe opened in 1965 in the former Gas Station, where it was known as the Cafe Pop Corn.

Today PopCorn Cafe is a new concept that is open seven days a week.

They serve tacos and hamburgs, and also sell coffee

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