Heb gas stations in Houston, Texas will begin accepting cryptocurrency as payment for gas

The Hebgas Gas stations in the Houston area will begin to accept cryptocurrency as a payment method, as the Houston Police Department announced today.

According to the police department, the Hebas will also be accepting cash for gas.

HebGas, the company behind the gas stations, has been in the cryptocurrency space for some time, with the first locations in Houston and San Antonio accepting cryptocurrency in 2015.

“As we move forward with this new initiative, we want to take this opportunity to make sure that everyone is on the same page and understanding what is and isn’t legal, how to use it, and how to best use it,” Heb Gas CEO David Coker said in a statement.

Hebs are the largest gas station chain in the U.S. and they also have a large network of stores and restaurants in the area.

Customers who pay with cryptocurrency can also take advantage of the convenience of having their order shipped directly to their door.

As far as when gas stations will start accepting cryptocurrency, the police say they have not yet determined the date, but they are working on it.

They will also not be accepting bitcoin, ether, or litecoin.

The Hebs, who also have gas stations near downtown Houston, are offering a variety of gas stations and locations.

The company says they will begin charging customers with cryptocurrency as soon as they receive the initial notification.

Hebbgas has said they will continue to accept cash for future gas stations as well.

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