When a gas station is robbed, how do you report it?

When a man robbed a gas bar in Kansas City, Missouri, and stole $5,000 worth of cash, his story received national attention.

But a new study has found that it’s the lack of social media awareness that can actually deter a crime.

In the study, researchers from the University of Utah examined Twitter posts and Facebook posts to see if they were linked to a robbery and found that nearly 40 percent of the posts were made in the first five minutes of posting, and a third of the tweets linked to the robbery were from people who didn’t immediately report it.

Social media accounts can help solve crimes by revealing the identity of the suspects, said Mark Zobel, a professor of journalism at the University at Albany and the study’s lead author.

However, that also means that it could be easy for people to mistake a false tip for a real one, Zoble said.

In addition to the research findings, the study found that the Twitter accounts of the victims were also used by others to post information on the robbery.

While that might not sound like much, it’s an indication that a crime is still taking place, Zubel said.

It is very common for people who have committed a crime to say, ‘I was robbed,’ Zobell said.

‘I got robbed.’

It’s an easy thing to say.

And then if somebody doesn’t go on to report it, there is no way of proving whether or not it happened.

And that’s not good for the victims or for society.

“Social media can also help police solve crimes, as well.

When a suspect has a social media account, law enforcement can get more accurate leads and tips, Zomel said, and that could help save the day.

The findings of this study also suggest that social media can help prevent a crime by sharing information about the crime, rather than simply sharing news or other information.

This is a good thing, Zobe said.

Social Media, Crime, and the Internet, by Jonathan Zobelman, Jessica Czuchry, and Brian Womack, is published by Oxford University Press.

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