How to Avoid Gas Prices Going Down in Texas After Hurricane Harvey

If you’ve been stuck in a Houston area gas station with a $1.85/gallon price tag, the gas is about to get worse.

Gas station delivery service, Ingles, has confirmed that the price of gasoline has dropped to $1/gallo.

Gasoline is now about $1 less than it was in January.

The service was able to confirm this by looking at the Houston Chronicle’s list of the 10 biggest gas stations in the state.

It says that at 10 of the top 10, there is a price change.

Gas station Ingle has reported a price drop of $1 since January.

At 10 of Houston’s top 10 gas stations, prices are down by as much as 50% from January.

Gasoline prices are going down because Houston is suffering from Hurricane Harvey.

It has knocked out power to much of the city and is now only partially reopening.

We’re not sure how much of this has to do with Harvey, but it’s going to make life even harder for Houstonians who are having to spend money on gas to pay bills.

There are now only five gas stations left in the city.

The Ingles service confirmed that price drops are happening on a daily basis.

In the coming days, we expect the prices to be down further.

The gas station service says it has already started to sell at a discount to get people out of the station.

This is a major victory for people who have been unable to find a reliable way to buy gas.

“We want to give back to our customers who have lost their homes and have been forced to resort to using the gas stations,” said James Lee, the manager of Ingls service.

Ingl says it is working with its suppliers to sell gas at lower prices, and it is offering a cash rebate to anyone who wants to use the service.

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