Mike’s gas, condoms, truck gas station set for sale

A Louisiana gas station has been set up for sale, after being the target of a string of sexual assaults.

Mike’s Gas &Amusement Park in Baton Rouge was the subject of an August 3, 2017, sexual assault investigation.

The investigation was triggered by a complaint from a woman who said she was approached by a man on the side of the road who was attempting to sell her a pair of condoms, according to court documents.

When she refused, he began to assault her.

The man was eventually captured and arrested.

Police say that the man was the owner of the gas station and that he used the phone number that had been used in the complaint as a call log.

The woman, who asked to remain anonymous, told WGNO-TV she went to the gasstation with her friend and found that the place was completely dark.

She told WTVJ-TV that when she went back into the store the man left the parking lot.

She said she followed him outside and saw the man had a condom in his hand and a condom case on his back.

When WGNE’s Alanna Fricke reported on the story, the man and his family posted a statement on Facebook.

They said they were “devastated” by the allegations, and that they were shocked and hurt by the alleged acts of sexual violence.

They asked for privacy.

The statement said that the family had been “in touch with the police” and that police have since contacted them.

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