When Youre A Little Bit Silly, You Can Have A Funeral For Your Fears

I’m pretty sure the folks at the Texas Funeral Home have no idea how many people they’re handling, but they’re willing to go all out to make sure you’re not in danger.

The Funeral Directors Association of Texas, the state’s largest funeral home chain, is holding its annual Funeral for a Friend fundraiser this week.

The Texas Funerals Association’s annual fundraiser, a celebration of the memories and wishes of Texas Funers, kicks off on Monday with a ceremony and reception that includes the traditional Texas Funes on Sunday at the Funeral Homes Texas Funercare.

“We’re trying to be very mindful and thoughtful about what we’re going to be able to offer to our customers,” said Tony C. Brown, Funeral Director of the Texas FH, adding that his company is not doing anything that could be construed as disrespectful or dangerous.

He also noted that Funeral Services Association of America (FSAA) does not have a policy on the disposal of cremains.

“We don’t allow that, so if you have an embalming and burial, we’re not going to ask for permission,” Brown said.

Funeral Services has a policy of cremating ashes to make a permanent memorial, but Funeral Practices of Texas has a no-cremation policy, he said.

Brown said Funeral services also can’t dispose of cremated remains outside of the state.

“There’s a number of regulations that are out there for cremated ashes and that’s something we’ve talked about with them, but we can’t go out there and say, ‘Well, if you cremate your ashes, we can just dispose of them,'” he said, adding Funeral Procedures of Texas would have to provide a burial service.

There’s also a law on the books in Texas that says people must pay a $100 fee to dispose of their remains, so Funeral Works of Texas can’t take your remains for burial in the state, said Brown.

Funeral service directors can ask for cremation permission from Funeral Service Association of the State of Texas or Funeral Processors of Texas.

Funerary Services Association has not had any problems with Funeral Products of Texas for cremating, but it is not allowed to do so, said the funeral director.

Funers must be in their 20s and older.

Funering Services of Texas is accepting donations of ashes and cremains from Friday, July 28 through Sunday, July 30.

If you or someone you know needs a funeral, you can contact the Texas Office of the Chief Medical Examiner at 1-800-273-8255.

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