How to order sushi at one of the nation’s most iconic sushi bars


— A classic Japanese sushi bar that opened in 1961 is coming back to life with an expanded restaurant featuring new offerings.

The owners of Shinjuku-based Shizuku Sushi Bar announced Friday that the newly remodeled, 18,000-square-foot restaurant will reopen as Shizukasho in June.

The Shizuke Sushi bar was one of many Japanese restaurants in the U.S. that closed in the 1960s due to financial woes, but was one that was revived in Minnesota.

The new restaurant will include a bar, restaurant and a sushi bar.

The old restaurant opened in the late 1970s and closed in 1987.

Shizuku has been a fixture of Minneapolis since 1959.

It opened in Shibuya and opened at Lakewood Avenue and Minnesota Avenue in 1964.

In the 1970s, the restaurant opened a sushi restaurant on the corner of Lake and South streets.

In 2008, the former Shizuki’s restaurant on Minnesota Avenue and East 6th Street was sold to a group of investors.

The new Shizuko restaurant will have a more modern look and new menu items, the owners said in a news release.

The restaurant will feature new sushi items from around the world and a variety of local items, including sushi rolls, nigiri rolls and sushi balls.

At the new Shiro Sushi Restaurant, the Japanese restaurant that has served the Twin Cities area since 1859, the Shiro sushi bar will feature a variety items from the classic Japanese cuisine of sushi.

It will also offer a more contemporary sushi menu.

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