How to get cheap gas at gas stations

Two gas stations in Perth are the latest to see prices drop as a result of the ongoing drought.

Cng Gas Station in the city’s northern suburbs is the latest outlet to have seen a sharp drop in its price since November.

A spokesman for the gas station said the change in prices had come from the dry weather that has impacted gas supplies.

“It is just the nature of the weather here in Perth and the fact that we have a relatively dry winter, with no rainfall in this part of the state, that we’ve had to ration gas,” he said.

“That has meant there has been a price increase for our customers, as well as the increase in the price of other products that we sell.”

Gas prices in Perth have been on a downward spiral for the last month and a half, with many of the citys biggest retailers closing their stores.CNG Gas has had its prices slashed by 20 per cent in just the last few days.

The outlet is also the only outlet to report a decrease in its fuel price in the last 24 hours.

“We have been able to continue to work with our suppliers to increase fuel prices and reduce costs to our customers,” a spokesperson for CNG Gas said.

The price increase comes on top of the $9.00 an hour hike CNG has seen over the last two weeks.

“The CNG price increase is to allow us to maintain the same prices as before the price increase, which is a further reduction in the fuel costs for our Australian customers,” the spokesperson said.

A spokesperson for Perth Gas confirmed that the price increases had not affected customers.

“There are a number of reasons why our prices have risen in the past week and the price is part of our regular seasonal price fluctuations,” a spokeswoman for the Perth Gas Company said.

“In addition to the increase we’ve seen across the whole fuel supply chain, we’ve also seen a number other factors, including an increase in gas price, due to low supplies from Western Australia and the introduction of fuel price increases in Queensland and New South Wales.”

Gas stations in the WA city of Wollongong are also seeing a drop in prices.

According to the WA Bureau of Meteorology, the city of Perth has seen its average price fall by over $4.40 in the space of two weeks, from $19.80 to $17.40.

But prices are expected to remain fairly stable until March.

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