How to find gas stations in the UAE

Gas stations in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, are often difficult to find.

With the UAE government banning the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles, it’s been a tough sell.

Now the country is set to allow the sale and import of gas stations. 

The Dubai Gas Authority (DGA) is planning to launch a new fuel vending machine for petrol and gas stations on November 6, 2016.

The vending machine will allow customers to fill up their tank with the local petrol or diesel at a pump in the centre of Dubai, and then pay at the pump with their card.

The machines will also allow customers who are unable to buy petrol or other products in person to order the products from their mobile phone or tablet.

The machines will be available in Dubai’s new Dubai Marina hotel, and will be rolled out across the UAE and the rest of the world in the coming months.

According to the DGA, the vending machines will enable the public to make purchases from their smartphones and tablets without having to travel to the nearest petrol station.

The kiosks will also enable consumers to make reservations for food and beverages at restaurants and retail outlets.

The kiosks have been rolled out for the first time in Dubai in October, but the Dga has been preparing the machine for the rollout for several months.

The Dubai Gas authority says that it plans to sell the vending machine to other Emiratis as well as international customers, who will be able to use it to fill their tanks.

“Our aim is to provide a convenient and affordable option for the Emirati public to purchase and fill up a fuel tank,” said DGA chief executive Mohamed Abdullah.

“The kiosk is part of a long-term strategy to enable the UAE to expand its gas infrastructure, and to enable people to buy and fill fuel at the pumps of their favourite restaurants, shops and cafes.”

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