When a gas station is the place to go for a quick gas fix

Gas stations are the best places to go to get your fill, but they’re also the place where you’re most likely to find the weirdest, most bizarre, and downright weird items.

Here are our picks for the most bizarre items to come out of gas stations.1.

The Haunting Clown MaskThere are no official gas station Halloween costumes, but the ones we’ve seen in movies, TV, and videos tend to be pretty creepy, and they’re all creepy enough to warrant their own Halloween page.

The Haunting clown mask from Halloween 2010 was one of our favorites, because it looked like a clown who just couldn’t figure out how to breathe, and it also looked really creepy.

The mask was also pretty weird: Its eyes were missing, the face was covered in a weird mask-like substance, and the mask itself was a kind of floating skull.

We’re pretty sure the clown mask’s origins are still a mystery, and we can only hope that the creepy clown masks will make a comeback in the near future.2.

The “Racing Paddle”Guns and cars are usually the most visible sights at gas stations, but there are a lot of other things that go unnoticed, too.

One such thing is the racing paddle.

The race paddle is a device that can be attached to a car, bike, or truck, and is used to simulate a speed and acceleration, similar to a stunt car.

There are some websites that claim to have found the race paddle, but it’s not official.

If you look up any of the names of the race paddles that we’ve mentioned, they’ll all be from the ’80s, and there’s no real way to confirm them.3.

The Big O-shaped boxThe biggest gas station in Texas was once called the “Big O,” but it looks like they changed the name to “Big Gas” in 2006.

This was after a lawsuit over the name.

The Big O was located in Houston, but you might also recognize it from other places.

In 2006, the gas station became so popular that the owner, George S. Hockaday Jr., had to move the business to a bigger location.

The new location was the “Downtown” gas station, and you can see that the new name stuck.

Hocking was later sued for trademark infringement and lost.4.

The T-Rex from “The Incredibles”The Tressel was a gas pump that was featured in the Disney movie “The Toy Story” and appeared in the cartoon “Mickey’s Fun House.”

In the film, a Tresler was seen on the way to a lake to retrieve a child.

After the Treslers disappeared, the owner of the toy store had to get rid of the old Tressels to make room for a new one.

The old TRS is now a part of the T-rex museum at the Toy Story Land, which was originally located at the Texas State Fairgrounds.

In addition to being haunted by the ghost of the abandoned Treser, the museum has a replica of the Big O, and visitors can also ride a T-Rex on the ride.5.

The Pizzeria CasbahIt’s kind of funny, really, because at least a few gas stations in Texas have a pizza-themed mascot.

At least one gas station was even called the Pizza Hut.

In 2013, it was announced that a gas giant was taking over the Casbah in Plano, Texas, and a sign that said, “No, not that Casbah” had been painted on the entrance.

In 2016, the Casah’s owner was arrested for allegedly stealing $2 million from the gas giant.

We think that gas giant should be punished for stealing from the Casabas owners and customers.6.

The Ghost of a Cigarette Smoking MachineThe ghost of a cigarette smoking machine was spotted on the sides of the gas pump in Planano, Texas.

The gas company says it’s a hoax, but some customers have reported seeing it.

We don’t know who made the claim, but gas station employees have said that they have seen the ghost for years.

The ghost has been spotted in a number of locations around Planano.

The Ghost of the Casablanca in Los Angeles is one of the most famous ghost sightings in the world.7.

The Giant Squid from “Toy Story 2″A gas station employee spotted the Giant Squid in the movie Toy Story 2, and many people have also reported seeing the creature in a few locations around the state.

One person said he was able to convince a friend to drive them to the gas pumps to check out the Giant.

According to one report, the giant is a “very large” squid, and according to others, it’s “bigger than a basketball.”8.

The Spicy Snail from “Cars 2″The Spicys Snail in Cars 2 has a huge reputation for

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