How to keep the most out of every meal

The truth is that the food you eat has a lot to do with how you feel.

That’s because food is a reflection of your personality, and how you interact with it influences your mood and the quality of your life.

So, whether you are a food lover or a lover of a particular brand of food, you should always know how to select the perfect meal for you.

If you want to know how much you’ll save over the course of a lifetime, you need to understand what’s going on in your body when you eat and what makes you feel good and how your body responds to food.

Here are nine tips to make the most of your meal.1.

Get to know your food’s ingredients1.

Look out for ingredients that you can identify as good for you1.

Eat what you like to eat 1.

Get in the habit of asking for something that you like 2.

Try a different ingredient from time to time 1.

Read up on what you’re eating and make a list of your favourites and ask yourself: “Does this taste good?”

If you have a specific reason why you want something, make sure to ask: “Do I want that particular flavour or texture?

Do I want the smell?”

Or, “How would I like this to taste?

Is it sweet?”2.

Know how to cook1.

Make sure you know the basics1.

Cook at a slow cooker or on a stovetop2.

Choose ingredients that will make you feel full and satisfied1.

Start with a starter dish that you know you’ll like.

This will be the base of a healthy, balanced meal3.

Use ingredients that are easy to prepare and use up quickly, and add extras when you need them4.

Make the most use of all your food5.

Get some fresh fruit, veggies and protein for breakfast and lunch.6.

Get protein at the start of the day7.

Get a little protein at night8.

Make your meals a little different with a few different dishes to choose from9.

Keep your food on the menu and you’ll feel more full

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