How to buy gas at a Chevron gas station

Chevron has a reputation for being one of the most friendly gas stations in the US.

But the gas giant has recently come under fire for its use of surveillance cameras at gas stations. 

The company is reportedly using surveillance cameras to monitor customers at gas pumps around the country. 

“We don’t sell gas to people who don’t have an ID, and that’s what Chevron is doing,” said a gas station worker who asked not to be named because he was not authorized to speak publicly. 

The worker said the company’s surveillance cameras had captured customers at Chevron’s gas stations as they left the pumps. 

When Chevron’s surveillance equipment began recording, the worker said, they called a manager.

The manager told him that the camera was being used for security purposes and would be turned off. 

He said the manager also told the worker that the company would pay to replace the surveillance camera, and the worker agreed to do so.

The worker told Politico that the manager told the workers to use their names, but they were not allowed to do that. 

At the time, Chevron did not say why it was recording. 

Chevron said the camera is an “emergency response tool” that has been approved by the Federal Communications Commission and that it is not being used to monitor any customers. 

However, it said in a statement to Politico that its “safety and security programs are based on the premise that no customer is at risk.” 

Chevy has also been accused of being a major conduit for foreign governments’ influence in US politics. 

In 2012, Chevron hired the law firm Pepper Hamilton to investigate allegations of foreign influence in the U.S. election.

In 2013, the firm alleged that Chevron was “partnering with the National Republican Party” to promote “the Chevron Corporation as a corporate partner in the 2016 presidential campaign of Donald Trump.” 

The investigation was closed in 2014, but the company has maintained that the findings were inaccurate. 

Since the investigation, Chevron has been fined $2.7 million for failing to disclose potential conflicts of interest related to the election.

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