Lush, tropical-like coral reef off the coast of Queensland

Lush tropical-looking coral reefs, including one off the Queensland coast, are expected to be the focus of the Queensland Government’s “Dolphin Reef” plan, as part of its efforts to protect coral reefs and improve ocean health.

The Queensland Government said it will invest more than $2.6 million to build a marine park and create a marine reserve for coral reefs off the South Coast of Queensland, including the Townsville-Melbourne Coastal Reserve.

The plans are the latest in a series of investments made to protect Queensland’s coral reefs.

The first major project was the controversial Carmichael coalmine in the Galilee Basin, which has seen tens of thousands of jobs lost.

The project’s massive carbon emissions were a major factor in the state’s financial collapse, and it was also an environmental disaster for the state.

The second major project, the Carmichael Coal Mine, also saw tens of millions of dollars of economic losses, and the Queensland Opposition is now calling for a moratorium on the mine.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has also launched a review into the Carmollas decision, calling for greater transparency and accountability in the environmental approval process.

But the Government is also calling for more investment, saying it has already committed more than half a billion dollars.

“We are putting in a billion and a half dollars into reef protection, and we are investing in a whole range of projects that will give Queensland a competitive advantage in the ocean,” Environment Minister Rob Stokes said.

“It will be a major boost to our economy, and a huge step forward for Queensland’s marine environment.”

Queenslanders will also be able to see more than 40 coral reefs this year.

“I think there will be an increase in people coming to Queensland to see these coral reefs,” Mr Stokes added.

“There’s a lot of interest around the country, but also people in Australia.”

Queenslands is a beautiful place to be, and there are some of the prettiest places in the world, so people will be coming and going and people will have the opportunity to experience them.

“He said the State Government would continue to look at the reef, including its natural environment, in its next budget.”

The Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage has an ambitious vision for reef protection and we’ll continue to support that vision,” he said.

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