The Lad’s take on the gas station pump

This is the story of how a gas station in Melbourne’s inner west became the source of a major controversy.

It’s been dubbed “The Kangaroo”, after the koala which was killed there in 2016.

In the early hours of the morning, an unidentified man walked up to the pump, took a look and found gas.

It was a gas pump and the only way to get gas was to fill it.

The story is a classic of a gas-stopped gas station story, and in a way it’s no different to the story the gas company told to the media, which described the incident as a “robbery” and that the man who stole gas was a “dangerous individual”.

The story was a classic, said Matthew Beattie, who wrote a book on gas stations in Victoria called The Gas Station Stories.

It wasn’t until two years later, he said, that gas company executives told a Senate inquiry that the incident was “a simple misunderstanding” by the gas worker.

“The gas station worker was trying to fill a tank,” he said.

“When he tried to fill the tank, the gas pump started to shake.”

But that wasn’t the only time the pump had been shaken.

In December 2016, a man walked into a gas supply station in Bendigo and stole gas.

He was charged with burglary and armed robbery and pleaded guilty.

But when police searched the man’s home, they found two bags of gas that were empty and a note in the mans house saying he had used up his gas supply.

The case was referred to the Federal Court, and the gas was returned.

Gas stations were a major source of controversy in Victoria in the 1970s and 80s.

The gas stations were considered unsafe, and gas was only sold to licensed businesses and the state government.

“They were supposed to be a gas company,” said Mr Beattis.

“You could’t sell to a gas shop.

They’d sell gas to gas stations.”

Gas stations have always been a major tourist attraction, with thousands of people visiting every year.

The stories of gas station robberies and gas theft were a constant theme in local newspapers, and they were often repeated to visitors.

But some gas stations did a better job of keeping the public safe than others.

“We had a couple of gas stations where we had some very aggressive security measures, where the gas pumps would turn on their security lights and the pump would stop working,” said Peter Raby, who was manager of gas at Bendigo Gas Station until 2014.

“But those stations had a lot of good security measures.”‘

It was like a scene out of a movie’The gas pump that was stolen in 2016 was the only gas pump in Bendigos gas station.

The man who took gas that night had not been there for two years, and was not a licensed gas dealer.

Gas was pumped from a container inside the pumps, and Mr Raby and his colleagues had to check that it was safe.

But he said the gas wasn’t always safe.

“I think a lot would have done well to check the tank,” Mr Rabies said.

He and his colleague checked the gas on a few occasions, and said that a few days later, they noticed a gas cylinder sticking out of the pump.

“It was quite a lot, it looked like it was about the size of a golf ball,” he recalled.

“That’s when we called it a pump scare.”

He said he and his team could only make one guess as to why the man took the gas: it was a robbery.

“He’d stolen gas, he was just trying to take it,” Mr Ryads said.

The theft of gas was just one of many thefts at Bendigocgas station, which was the most common form of theft at the time.

Gas theft was also common in other parts of Victoria.

A number of gas pumps had been broken into, and some gas had been stolen from an underground storage tank.

In October 2007, gas was stolen from a gas storage tank in North Geelong.

Two years later a man stole gas from a car in the suburb of Wodonga.

Gas thefts were a common crime in Victoria, and thefts from gas stations became even more common in the 1990s.

A gas pump was stolen at least four times between 1994 and 2007, and a gas tanker was broken into in May 2015.

In 2015, thieves broke into a car and stole a gas tank at an underground station in Geelong, but no one was ever charged.

In 2007, thieves stole gas cans from a storage tank at a gas depot in Gecko, and there were two gas theft incidents in that same year.

Gas thieves are often armed and dangerous, and security cameras are installed in gas stations, but gas theft is rarer than gas theft.

“A gas station is a big tourist attraction,” Mr Beatts said. “It’s the

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