When you pay for a gas station visit, it’s the least you can expect

AUSTRALIA’S gas prices are the highest in the developed world.

But you don’t need to pay to see the sights in the nation’s capital.

And if you do, you can find a gas bar that will make you feel like royalty.

Gas stations across the country are offering a wide range of discounts to the public, with some offering up to 70 per cent off prices.

The prices vary depending on the fuel and how many people are in the queue to get a refill.

It is a new phenomenon and has hit a lot of people hard, particularly those who work in the industry.

But when it comes to the high prices in the capital, not everyone is happy with the changes.

The gas station owners in Melbourne’s CBD are worried about the impact on customers who can’t afford the high gas prices.

“People are going to be paying more and they’re going to have to pay more and that’s a terrible thing,” said one of the owners of the gas station.

“If you’re paying $100 a month and you can’t pay it, you’re going back to $100 and I don’t want to see that happening.”

A spokesperson for the gas company said the company is working hard to reduce gas prices, including increasing the price of refills to $20 a bottle and increasing the prices of other types of products.

“As the industry has changed, we have identified some areas where we need to improve our service to make sure customers are getting the best price and service,” the spokesperson said.

“The gas industry has also recently increased its average price by $5 per litre, which has helped to offset some of the higher gas prices experienced in recent years.”

The spokesperson said the price change has not affected the service, but customers who wish to pay the higher price may do so at their own convenience.

“We are aware of the situation and will continue to work closely with the gas industry to ensure that customers are offered the lowest price possible and have a reasonable time to pay their bill,” the spokesman said.

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