Worst gas stations in America

USA Today: Best gas stations for gas, electricity, and more.

Aafes Gas Station, CA, United States, July 9, 2019.AAFES Gas Station is a gas station in the city of Aafes, California.

It is located at the intersection of I-5 and the Afton Bridge, in the heart of Aftons Historic District.

AAFES is one of only two gas stations left in Aftonedale, California, that still serves customers today.

Aftoon Bridge, Aftonia, CaliforniaAAFENES is a small, private gas station located near the edge of Afts Historic District, a small strip of land between the AFTON BRIDGE and the HOSPITAL, which is where the hospital is located.

The AFTONS Historic District has been described as the “jewel of the AAFs neighborhood” by local resident and historian Tom Niven.

It was the area of the historic district that was most impacted by the earthquake, according to local resident Susan St. John.

The hospital was built in 1901.

The first patients were transported from the hospital to the AFS medical center.

The gas station also serves as a meeting and grocery store, as well as an entertainment venue.

It’s also a good spot for picnics.

Aafs Historic District is home to the largest concentration of Native American artifacts in California.

The museum includes more than 70 artifacts from the Aafese people, according the museum.

The largest number of artifacts were found in the area in the 1980s, according AAFESA Museum Director James Aftonen.

The area is also home to many historic structures including the old hospital and the burial ground.

AFAFS Gas Station in Aafens Historic District , CA, US, July 8, 2019AFAFS is a well-known and well-loved local gas station.

The most visited gas station is located in AFS, and it has been in operation for more than 30 years.

AFS Gas is located near a large intersection on the corner of AFS Road and AFS Highway.

It has a parking lot with a pump that can accommodate 2-3 cars per day.

It offers two different types of gas, regular unleaded and regular unleamed, according TOB, an independent gas station monitoring website.

The regular unleade is an alternative fuel that is cleaner, and the regular unleaked has lower sulfur content.

AFFES is the gas station closest to the hospital.

It also serves the nearby community of Oceanside, and has been the home to several local businesses since the 1970s.

AFCS Gas Station , CA , United States , July 8: AFCSS Gas Station at the Afts Highway is the closest gas station to the main hospital, according Dr. Tom Nivers, the head of the Oceansider Community Health Center.

Nivers said that it’s been around since the 1960s, and he and other residents have been calling for a gas pump on the highway since then.

It serves a community of about 200 people that lives on the edge.

There are two entrances to the station, both of which are paved, according ToB.

The main entrance is at the top of a hill and the gas pumps are at the bottom.

Niven said that most residents who live in the neighborhood have access to a gas bottle.

He said that if you need to buy gas, it’s probably on the side street next to the store.

He also said that residents don’t need to be worried about having their gas turned off.

He noted that if the station is running on gas, the pump doesn’t get much use.

AFTS Gas is a family owned business that serves customers in the Afs Historic District in the county of Oahu.

It currently serves about 2,000 customers and about 30 households, according The Aftoneras Historic District website.

The Aftonian Hospital and Clinic was established in 1906, and is a private hospital and community hospital located at an elevation of about 7,400 feet above sea level.

It opened in 1912 and has since been home to more than 1,200 residents and nearly 500 medical staff members, according a ToB listing.

The site has been designated a National Historic Landmark.

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