Air Force jets ‘sneaky’ to take control of a pilot-less drone as he flies it into a house

A pilot-like drone that flew dangerously close to a home in Sydney’s east has been taken out of service.

Key points:The pilot-operated drone crashed on the street outside the house at about 3.30pmA home owner, a man and a woman were hurtThe drone landed on a street in the south-east of SydneyThe pilot took control of the drone and was able to take a photograph of the home ownerThe drone was on a training flight when it crashed, NSW Police said.

The pilot was able take a photo of the driveway and was later able to contact emergency services, according to NSW Police.

The drone crashed in the street near the intersection of Westmoreland Street and the street’s main road.

A man and woman were taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Police said the drone was not in the air when it landed on the ground and that the pilot was not injured.

The air force said the incident happened near the house on Westmorelands Street.

“This incident happened on a residential street in Sydney on Sunday evening and the pilot took over the control of this unmanned aircraft while it was operating on a non-flying flight path,” it said in a statement.

“The aircrew were unable to take any photographs as the drone did not have the ability to fly at the prescribed flight path.”

Police said a resident and a man who were in the driveway were not hurt.

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